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Peregrine Falcons in Manchester, NH

Working in conjunction with the New Hampshire Audubon and Brady Sullivan Properties, Spectra Access is pleased to provide live streaming video of the Peregrine Falcons nesting at 1750 Elm Street in Manchester, NH


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7/8/14: The young falcon fledged around the 4th of July. She is still in the area for a few more months and you’ll be able to catch her on the perch from time to time. The adults will also be seen on the perch from time to time.




Important Information regarding 2014 Nesting Season


5/29/14: Due to some early inconsistencies with incubation…basically the adults didn’t spend enough time on the eggs early on…all eggs have now passed the stage in which they should have already hatched. Still considering the past events of this nesting season (see events below) the fact that we even have one (1) young in the nest is a positive development!

5/27/14: Baby chick spotted…another one might hatch within the next day or two.

4/25/14: There are five(5) eggs in the nest now.

4/22/14: There are four (4) eggs in the nest as of 4/21/14.

4/18/14: The 2014 nesting season is back on, the female is now incubating the recently laid eggs.

4/16/14: It is now believed the first egg with the new pairing of the female and male appeared 4/14/14 with the second egg appearing 4/16/14.  The female does most of the incubating which takes about 33 days so middle of May before we see our first chick.

4/5/14: Around 12PM April 5, another male was seen with the female (male on ledge). Not sure what this means for the 2014 nesting for this pair, but the female is still able to have eggs. The eggs in the picture are the older eggs and will not hatch at this point.

4/1/14: On Saturday March 29, Manchester’s male Peregrine Falcon, “Black/green 6/7,” suffered a broken wing and is currently under veterinary care. His mate had laid 4 eggs, but abandoned the eggs by Monday March 31. Prognosis for the male’s return is unclear at this time, however the female may attract a new mate within weeks, or even days. There are a number of unpaired peregrines in our regional population, and territorial vacancies are often filled quickly.

In the meantime we have changed the camera back to the perch view so that if a new male shows up we’ll know quickly. The female remains fertile for sometime, so there is still a chance that this location will be used for 2014 nesting season! Stay tuned!

Any viewer with additional questions regarding the falcons please contact the New Hampshire Audubon at nha@nhaudubon.org



Prior Year Pictures


*Spectra Access enjoyed hosting the streaming camera during 2010 as 5 young falcons were raised and it is the first documented case of that in New Hampshire.

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Notes about the Technology: The cameras are currently connected to a Linux based machine (at 1750 Elm) that we’ve used in the past for the Falcon cam, but last year we’ve saw 3 times the amount of traffic to these cameras than we have in prior years. During peak times we are averaging about 30 Mbps of bandwidth utilization that was streaming the live feeds to about 50-60 active connections with 1000-2000 connections daily. These connections are all running through our wireless network that Spectra Access has implemented throughout the greater Concord, Manchester, and Nashua areas.

Technical questions/comments only please contact us at falcon@spectraaccess.com.